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Karakoram Prime Nomad Binding

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The Prime Nomad by Karakoram is part of the Alpine Prime series. These bindings focus on the essentials and are the bindings of choice for passionate splitboarders. The focus here is on technology and a low weight. The Nomad binding comes with the softest flex and is suitable for every splitboard adventure from after-work rounds to expeditions.

The harder Reactive Highback offers an optimised ratio between stiffness and weight. Full control is thus guaranteed. To make sure you get the full benefit of Karakoram technology when splitboarding, the Prime Nomad has the Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean. This allows you to switch the highback from walk to ride mode in seconds.

The Nomad comes with the X-Type chassis, which allows the board to flex naturally. The Active Joining Technology with extra wide contact points ensures unsurpassed response. The Power Link, a lever mechanism located under the heel, makes it super easy to switch the binding from tour mode to ride mode and back. Thanks to the ergonomic adjustment of the lever, it only takes one simple movement to release the binding from the touring brackets and reinsert it.

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